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Halloween Horrorshow 05 (xpost)

The wait is over...

Cinema Apocalypse Presents

Grumpy's Halloween Horrorshow 2005

Local Television Program Cinema Apocalypse hosts a special triple fright
film feature at Grumpy's downtown. Join us as we present three "classic"
movies for your holiday enjoyment. Vintage horror trailers will be
screened as well.

Wizard of Gore (1970) H.G. Lewis works his own unique magic on this tale
of a mad magician whose tricks are more than illusions. Montag the
Magnificent commands that you see this surreal drive-in classic!

Gates of Hell (aka City of the Living Dead) (1980) When there is no more
room in hell...the dead shall walk the earth. Lucio Fulci, "The
Grandfather of Italian Gore", pulls out all the stops in this uncut
spaghetti splatter spectacular. Yes, it's got zombies.

Bad Taste (1987) The debut film from the Lord of the Rings director is
an uncensored low budget shocker about an alien race after the galaxy's
newest taste sensation...people. Peter Jackson wrote, directed, and
stars in this outrageous black comedy filled with enough guts and blood
for a dozen horror flicks. And not a damn hobbit in sight.

For more info email: todd@cinemapocalypse.com
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